I Am Your Gummy Bear CD


Gummy Bear Song, Cho Ka Ka O, & more!


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Track Listing:

1. I Am A Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)
2. Funny DJ
3. I’m A Scatman
4. Cho Ka Ka O
5. Touch Me
6. Gummy From Bom Bom Bay
7. Itsi Bitsi Bikini
8. Jodl Jodl Dance
9. Blue (Da Ba Dee)
10. Dein Popo
11. Don’t Do That
12. Le Mambo Du Decalco
13. Buj Buj Polka
14. Do You Think I’m Sexy?
15. Funny Bear (Goodnight Mix)
16. Osito Gominola (Spanish Version)
17. Itt Van A Gumimaci (Hungarian Version)

18. Itt Van A Gumimaci (YouTube video)
19. I Am A Gummy Bear (Full Length English Video)
20. Gummibär Wallpapers for your computer

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